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You've gotten here because you've found success in your business or career. Now you're ready to take the next steps and get closer to the summit. We're here to help you do that in conjunction with your current advisors. They're trusted partners who know you and your business but you need that experienced guide to take you on the next part of your journey. We're here to provide that guidance and get you to the top.



With 40 years of leading organizations in financial, operational, ethical, and executive roles as an advocate for growth and new possibilities, Peter Niche is providing executive coaching and consulting to executives, business teams, and organizations that are committed to reaching their highest potential. Silver threads in Peter’s professional career include his rigorous analytical and problem-solving strengths, as well as his strong communication and compassionate nature. These have been key to his innate ability to help others move forward in their relationships and areas where they may feel stuck or frustrated by not producing to their true intentions. Peter has responded to his calling to be in service to others by serving as a Deacon in his local parish. Working as clergy and serving the myriad needs of a large suburban congregation have strengthened his skills in guiding others to greater results and is quite congruent with his executive coaching services.

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